Things To Know About Winter Dog Grooming

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Things To Know About Winter Dog Grooming

Winter isn’t coming anymore. It’s here! Throughout Temecula Valley cooler temperatures are affect us and our pets. A lot of concerned dog owners usually have questions about their dog’s grooming & health during the winter. Common questions include:

  • Should I bathe my dog less frequently during the winter?
  • Will getting their fur cut make them uncomfortable in the colder weather?

Let’s take a look at some of the answers.

Winter Doggie Baths

In short, it is perfectly fine to give your dog regular baths in the winter. Some dogs do well to have more baths in the winter to prevent matting from mud that is prevalent during El Nino’s winter rain storms. Just make sure that your dog is bathe in mild conditions and is dried before going back outside. Wet fur can decrease your dog’s temperature during a cold snap or in cooler windy conditions. Dogs that have short hair or are small in size are more susceptible to the cold. Dog groomers usually speed the drying process with hair dryers to make your pet more comfortable. Therefore, you can do the same if you choose to wash your dog yourself.

Winter Haircuts

When it comes to winter grooming the main fear among owners is that short hair will not allow their dog to stay warm. While this is a legitimate concern, many dogs are indoors the majority of the time and short periods of cold air is not a true health concern. Housed dogs have no real use for thick fur, whereas wild animals do. If you have concerns about the weather instead of foregoing your dog’s haircut and grooming, it is better to simply use a doggie sweater. Another thing to keep in mind is caring for your dog’s feet during cold wet winters. Try to keep them clean, dry, and well groomed.