Inside Activites For Pets

Keeping your pet active when it is indoors is not only vital for its well-being but also good for its quality of life.  Active pets are healthier and tend to live longer.  Also, when the weather is bad having indoor activities keeps your pet from being bored and it is a way to bond.  Over the years, we’ve spoken to hundreds of our clients in Menifee, Murrieta, Temecula, and Wildomar who use a variety of techniques to keep their pets active indoors.  Here are a few that our mobile groomers have found noteworthy.

Tug O War

Simple tried, and true.  A game of tug can pass away hours of pet boredom and we’ve hardly seen any that tire of it.  The game is also a way to get some exercise for yourself and keep a pet playing in a small area.  Remember to let your pet win some!

Name That Toy

Some dogs and cats have been trained to recognize the name of toys and retrieve them at command.  As part of your indoor play name a toy and play with it with your pet.  Reward your pet with a treat when it recognizes the toy’s name.  Add the second toy and start the process over but only reward and praise your pet for recognizing the right named toy.  See how many names your pet can remember.

Indoor Obstacle Course

This game is generally for dogs (we haven’t seen any cats do it yet).  Making an indoor obstacle course for your dog can be a fun way to pass times and build its mental focus.  If it is your dog’s first time doing anything like this, go slow.  Get them to jump over an object several times then add a new obstacle to the course.  As time progresses, you’ll have a longer course and will be pretty winded yourself!

Healthy pets look their best when they are well groomed.  Call us if your pet needs some special grooming.

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