Pet Safety During Disasters

Pet Safety During Disasters

Pet owners are well aware of how quickly pets become an inseparable part of the family. Therefore, it would only be loving to chalk out a plan for your pet’s safety in the event of a natural disaster just as you would for your family members. Doing so in advance can reduce your stress levels in the event your family is faced with a crisis.

Here are some useful tips for preparation and what supplies you should store for your pet’s safety.

Pet Preparations

Firstly, devise a plan that is practical and easy to implement. You should consider the following things for pet safety:

  • Make sure the tags on your pet include up-to-date contact information.
  • Buy a carrier for every pet and familiarize them with it.
  • Make them comfortable with transportation in vehicles, as it might be necessary.
  • Choose an emergency shelter that is pet friendly in advance, as some do not accommodate animals.
  • If you will be staying at home during a natural disaster, equip your house with extra food, water and supplies for you and your pet. Take shelter in a room that is pet friendly.

What To Keep Nearby For Your Pet

In addition to preparing an emergency kit for you and your family, make one for your pet too. Keep it in an easily accessible place like near the front door. It should ideally include the things listed below:

  • Food
  • Litter boxes and poop bags
  • Bleach and paper towels for cleaning
  • A harness or leash
  • Bedding or comfort toys
  • Adding the pet’s health records is also recommended

Be Informed of the Places You Can Take Your Pet

When left with no choice but to leave home and you can’t find a shelter that accepts animals, ask around for information so that you can make arrangements for your pet’s safety in advance. Ask the vet in your locality if they provide boarding for pets, or look for hotels that allow keeping pets with you.

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