Removing Ticks From Your Dog

If your dog loves activity and the Great Outdoors, chances are that it will have an encounter with ticks.  Ticks are found throughout San Diego County including Temecula.  If a tick finds its way on your dog, what should you do?  Wait until it finds falls or try to remove it?  Since ticks carry disease and are quite uncomfortable, removing the tick (or ticks) is the best approach.  Sometimes we are asked about how to remove ticks from pets.  Below is some of the advice we give.

How to Remove a Tick

One of the most common homegrown techniques to remove a tick is to use a pair of tweezers.  There is one major issue with using tweezers.  Tweezing ticks often results in crushing the insect, which leaves the head and mouth of the tick attached to your dog.  Squeezing a tick also injects more of the bacteria into the host.  Hence, a better option is to use a tick removal tool.  Here are a few tips about using a tick removing tool.

  • Place the claw end of the tool under the head of tick (in a similar way to how you would use a hammer to remove a nail).
  • Instead of pulling the tick away with the tool, spin it around. Usually, the tick will become unhinged after a few twirls of the tool.
  • Once the tick is released, place it in a plastic bag for disposal.

The site of the tick bite has a high chance of becoming infected.  It is best to keep an eye on the bite.  You can disinfect the bite with warm water and soap.  However, if you notice any swelling, continual itching, or discoloration, make an appointment to your vet.

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