Tips to Reduce Your Dog’s Shedding

If your dog can enter your home freely and has a long-haired coat, it is likely that you deal with a considerable amount of pet dander.  Would you like to reduce the amount of shedding of your dog’s coat?  If so, keep reading!

Make Use of a Raking Brush

Among the best ways to reduce finding dog hair all over your home is to use a raking brush (along with a de-shedding brush) on your dog every day.  Spending a few moments daily can reduce about 90% of the shed dog hair that you find around your home.  Both of these grooming tools are engineered to loosen and remove hairs that are nearing their end.

Balancing Your Dog’s Diet

Excessive shedding may be a symptom of poor diet.  To be sure that your dog’s shedding isn’t diet related, try giving your dog a balanced diet.  In addition to these benefits, your dog may also have higher energy levels, a shinier coat, and fewer health problems.  A balanced diet is often attained easier by incorporating a raw diet.  Before you choose a raw diet, look up various types to see which would be best for your dog.

Use Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements

If you decide not to go with a raw diet, another option is to use Omega-3 supplements.  You should buy some separate from commercial dog food.  Even if the package advertises omega-3s it is likely not enough to prevent excessive shedding or improve the look of your dogs’ coat.  Add the supplements yourself to get the best effect.

Of course, regular grooming is essential to keeping your dog’s coat as healthy as possible.  With our mobile services, you can avoid leaving your home and traveling to a location that has a line of other pets.


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