Two Big Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Regular Grooming

Two Big Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Regular Grooming

Sure grooming makes your dog look good.  However, it has more benefits than cosmetic appeal.  It’s A Dog’s Life Spaw mobile grooming service is led by our IPG certified groomer Kristi.  We can be reach at (855) 774-7729 for reliable and friendly service.  Below are two of the most important beneficial reasons why scheduling an appointment with us is a great idea for your pet.

Clean Dogs Feel Better

Ever felt great after a thorough shower or bath?  Dogs experience the same feelings.  Believe it or not, dogs have feelings too. The love to be groomed cause it helps them feel better. If their fur is matted and unclean, they just don’t feel like themselves. A good haircut (for our long-haired friends) and fur washing really helps them feel their best. Have you ever noticed how they run and dart around after a good bath? It’s like a shot of feel good – kick up your heels kind of feel-good!

Dogs love grooming (particularly after they become accustomed to it) because it makes their coat and skin feel good.  Dogs with matted and unclean fur often suffer from fleas, skin irritations, loss of fur (typically in patches where they scratch for relief).  Well-kept fur, paws, and nails help dog s to thrive.  Once they are done with their grooming session they are usually ecstatic and ready to play!

Groomed Dogs Are Healthier Dogs

Some grooming directly effects the health of your dog.  For instance, over grown nails will make dogs alter their posture due to foot pain.  Over time their nails could grow back into their paws or they may begin to develop arthritis due to improper stance.  Even the short term effect of not being able to grip the ground comfortably will change how a dog runs.

Another issue is skin, eye and ear care.  Since, their fur covers the majority of their skin, when dogs are unclean their skin suffers.  Just imagine how your scalp would feel it you went months without washing your hair.  Beyond the smell that would develop, the bacteria that would accumulate would be harmful to your skin.  The same is true of your four-legged buddy.  If harmful bacteria make their way to a dog’s ears or eyes, infection can result.

Would you like to see what an awesome grooming session could do for your dog, but don’t have time to take them to a groomer?  Give us a call.  It’s A Dog’s Life Spaw will travel to your home at a time convenient for you and your dog!  (855) 774-7729

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