Your Dog and the “Zoomies”

Have you ever noticed your dog having an intense mode of crazed running?  While you may chalk it up to your dog being extremely happy or energized, there is an actual name for what it is occurring.  On the internet, people call it “the zoomies.”  The professional name among veterinarians is frenetic random activity periods (which is typically abbreviated FRAPs).  Here’s a little info about why your dog acts this way.

A Needed Release of Energy

Although it may seem that your dog’s energy burst comes out of nowhere, it is a normal part of dog’s life.  FRAP is observable in dog behavior from puppy age to their older years.  During an episode of zoomies, your dog is releasing energy and getting needed exercise.  Most veterinarians agree that dogs should FRAP.  Owners should only take care that they do not harm themselves or others.  With that in mind here are a few things you should keep in mind concerning your dog’s FRAPs:

  • Indoor FRAPs. If you have an inside dog, it is best to create a safe area where the zoomies are safe.  Some pet owners allow their dogs to engage in FRAPs outdoors so that they do not break anything.  If you allow it indoors and play along, you should clear the area of delicate items that can get damaged.
  • Scheduling FRAP Time. Some owners schedule a time for their dogs to fulfill their zoomie delights.  You can do the same by planning activities such as dog park times, fenced yard play, or daily jogs with playtime off the lease.  Most dogs want an energy release after they have rested, early in the morning, after a bath or grooming.
  • Controlling FRAPs. Sometimes a random FRAP is not welcomed, especially if it is not a safe place for it to occur.  To calm your dog, try putting a light pressure on the dog’s shoulders with your hands.   This works with many dogs, and they will slowly relax to the floor.  Stay with them for a few minutes and massage them as they calm themselves.  Alternatively, some place their dog in short timeout in their crate.

We love seeing dogs that we groom engage in the zoomies after a session.  It’s almost like a thank you to us for a job well done.  If your dog needs any of our mobile services, give us a call at 855-774-7729.  We’ll zoom over to you!

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